CSInterfacer exchanges data among HSPF12, MOUSE, SWMM4/5, plain text, and WASP5

Command line formats
CSInterfacer HSPF commandfile.txt
CSInterfacer M11E nodefile.txt
CSInterfacer MOUS flowfile.txt
CSInterfacer POLL commandfile.txt
CSInterfacer SPLT commandfile.txt
CSInterfacer SQSH
CSInterfacer SW54 flowfile.txt
CSInterfacer SWM5 swmmout.out flowfile.txt
CSInterfacer TEXT flowfile.txt
CSInterfacer WASP waspname

HSPF - Convert HSPF plot file to SWMM 4 interface, SWMM 5 interface, or SWMM 5 timeseries. Commandfile contains pollutant information and multiple filenames
M11E - Edit flags in an file based on list in Myfile.txt. file is overwritten
MOUS - Convert Mouse text output generated using M11Extra to SWMM 4 interface
POLL - Add pollutants to SWMM 4 interface. Commandfile contains pollutant information and a single SWMM interface filename
SPLT - Apportion flows from select locations into multiple locations in a SWMM 4 interface file
SQSH - Sum flows and loads at matching locations within a SWMM 4 interface file
SW54 - Convert SWMM 5 OUTFLOW text to SWMM4 interface flow file
SWM5 - Convert SWMM 5 binary output to NetSTORM-compatible data file (flows only)
TEXT - Convert text to SWMM 4 interface flow file. Command/datafile contains location IDs [Locations] and date/flow data [Flows] mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm q1 ... qn
WASP - Convert SWMM 4 interface to WASP non-point source (.nps). .nps extension added by program

Written by Mitch Heineman, CDM Smith, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2004-2012

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